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Or was he about to call him a Nickleback Fan?

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Conservative Idiot jumps into "Occupy" march, causes disruption in attempt to discredit Occupy March....then BRAGS about it on his blog.

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Remember, when Republicans say they care about you, they're lying.

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Some good news in this part of the world. I got news from PA Career Link that the College Grant I've been doing paperwork and tests for since April has finally been approved. This money will cover the costs of a course at Delaware County Community College for Network Administration from Microsoft. Then hopefully lead to a job with a career orientation. Class starts September 20th, two nights a week and runs into January of next year.

Our local Republican Congressmen in the House, Patrick Meehan, held a town meeting here in Springfield last night. Being a pissed-off unemployed constituent, I got there early enough to plop my butt down in the front row. When Representative Meehan arrived, I smiled, shook his hand along with the rest of the first line of attendees, and applauded at the appropriate talking points. Then, as soon as he went to the "Ask a Question" period, I shot my hand up. Since I was being so polite in the opening portion and nicely visible, I was probably the third or fourth person called on. His handler held the mic up to me, and I let him have it with both barrels.

"Representative Meehan, I am one of those 80% of the country frustrated with Congress. I've been laid of from my job and unemployed since January. When you and your fellow freshman Republicans ran for The House last year, it was all about 'jobs, jobs, jobs.' But since you came into office, not a single jobs bill has been introduced in The House. Bills about abortion, gay rights have, but not jobs. I want to know what, when you return to Washington, you, Speaker Boehner, Eric Cantor, who today is saying he won't approve help for hurricane victims without more cuts, are going to do about job creation!"

Cue wild applause.

Pro that he is, Mr Meehan went right to "we must work on bringing down the debt in order to make more jobs...." to which the room began to boo. Also, as soon as your question is done, the handlers race away with the mics so you can't reply. But that was pretty much the point where Mr Meehan began to sweat. I'd say that 70% of the room was not on his team, and the questions were pretty pointed, if at least civil. Only one real wacko, a right-wing nut-job who insisted President Obama was secretly opening sub-prime mortgages to high risk home buyers (IE: the blacks!), to which Mr Meehan was cognizant enough to tell her that he had heard nothing of the sort and did not think this was genuine. He also had his share of supporters in attendence, who lobbed softballs his way and he would smile, give the pat answer, and look for another sympathetic attendee.

However, this was not a coming out party for the guy. At 8 PM he stopped solid and I jumped from my chair, grabbed his hand in a firm handshake and thanked him for taking my question. I also repeated that I fully expected him to do more than what was going on and to see some work done. I got the feeling he was sincere if uncomfortable, and was taken aback by the forcefulness of the crowd (my guess about 100 people).

In storm news, my Mom finally got her power on yesterday afternoon after downed trees took out the electric in Northern Lebanon, and my Dad's electric came on yesterday morning. I want to find George Will, who whined that Hurricane Irene was overhyped, and lock him in a house with no electric and water for four days, then let him and his awful toupee come out and give an update. Same with Eric Cantor, whom I am beginning to suspect is a sociopath when it comes to helping the American Public vs GOP.
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VIRGINIA BEACH (The Borowitz Report) – Evangelist Pat Robertson sparked controversy in today’s broadcast of his 700 Club program by saying that yesterday’s mild East Coast earthquake was God’s revenge on people “who act kind of gay. All across the Eastern seaboard, there are men who get manicures, wear designer eyewear and know about thread counts,” claims Rev. Robertson. “God finds this somewhat gay-like behavior confusing, and He responded by getting mildly peeved.”

The televangelist warned that if Americans persist in their “seemingly sort-of-gay behavior,” the country should brace itself for additional ambiguous acts of retaliation from the Almighty. “God will strike back at people who act sort of gay with all kinds of mild responses,” he said. “If you keep getting pedicures and facials, you can expect two to three inches of rain and some really hot humid days in your future.”

Rev. Robertson said that New Yorkers who reacted in an over-the-top way to yesterday’s temblor “run the risk of moderately annoying the Heavenly Father yet again.”

“God looks at people who get their panties in a twist after a little shaking, and He says to Himself, ‘Wow, that’s really kind of gay,’” he said.
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Bigotry in action. White Teens go looking for a black person to Kill. Just a warning - this is a very graphic video.
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House of Numbers DVDUtter Bunk
One Out of Five Stars

"House of Numbers" is a horrible, angering mess. That is the kindest thing to say about it. Basically a rundown of every anti-AIDS conspiracy theory since the crisis began, it repeatedly asks the question over and over; Why Have We not Found The Cure For AIDS? Simple question, sure. But the answers are more complex that this movie wants to address.

For starters, AIDS is a relatively young disease. The main outbreak and plague broke thorough in the late 70's and swelled through the 80's and 90's. While research suggests that there may have been cases far earlier, it wasn't until this period that the Scientific and Medical communities began taking serious research into the illness. In the USA, that research was near nil, thanks to the likes of Jesse Helms and the despicable policies of Ronald Reagan. So asking why we have not found a cure is foolish. Cancer and even the common cold are far older and more researched diseases, yet we still have nothing to cure either. Health Research is not a toaster; things do not just pop out after four minutes.

Then they try and look at the disease itself. They roll out the same tired tropes, like poppers gave you AIDS, the drugs were what caused AIDS deaths (partially true, the misunderstanding of the EARLY drugs - like AZT - harmed people), and the usual crap that gay men having sex were doing it to themselves. The modern 'drug cocktail' has been refined over the course of near 20 years to have balanced the side effects since then, but there's still plenty of conspiracy theorists who will try and convince you that "Big Pharma" is just trying to get your money.

Then they find the Doctors who are happy to tell you their theories why HIV and AIDS are right and the rest are bogus. However, the overwhelming preponderance of the Medical/Scientific have no doubts that HIV and AIDS exist and can kill you if not properly treated. The question raised in "House of Numbers" that HIV may not even be communicable is not just ignorant, it is dangerous. People are exposed to different infections every day (and I'll jump back to that common cold analogy again), but you don't have an illness every day. Illnesses break through in a variety of ways, and sometimes the factors involves vary from moment to moment, even in the same person.

"House of Numbers" raises question and offers no answers. It throws theories out but offers few facts. It questions the deaths of hundreds of thousands, but offers little insight into what killed them. It's easy to cast aspersions on things you do not want to believe. "House of Numbers" drags out stupidity and wild-eyed fear and then tries to offer it as controversy. Like Climate Change or Intelligent Design deniers, there can always be found a small group of true believers willing to argue that there is dissent over 'the facts.' But opinions are not facts and "House Of Numbers" does not offer much of factual info, and that makes it dangerous.

 And the Band Played On Philadelphia Frontline: The Age of AIDS Silverlake Life - The View from Here Angels in America
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Dear Lawrence,

Greetings from Philadelphia. I'm a regular, near nightly viewer of the MSNBC line-up, and try to watch as dedicatedly as I can. Tonight, however, may be only the second time I've ever cringed at your show. The interview with Rev (?) Graham made me incredibly uncomfortable, and then the follow-up on Rush Limbaugh just made me wince....well, Limbaugh makes me wince on his own; perhaps this was a double barreled wince.

What made me squirm so hard is that I almost felt you were softballing Graham. The guy is just another typical white rich-kid coasting on his Daddy's reputation along with the inherited Billy G Billions, and you gave him open mike to proselytize endlessly. Did he really need to read the entire John 3:16 quote, plus? Frankly, WHY does it matter if President Obama is a Christian? Should it matter at all? Even more importantly, why would a President need the holy water dripped from the likes of Graham and his ilk for approval to govern?

Given that Graham seems to love using the racist euphemism that Obama has "the seed of Islam" inside him and is now riding on Donald Trump's wig-tail, why get him on camera at all? He brings nothing useful to the discussion other than more proof that evangelicals are crackpots, swindling people out of their cash by using fear of Hell as motivation.

Which leads me to part two: The Thrashing you gave Limbaugh. Yeah, I get it. Rush is a lyin' sack of bird vomit, puking up predigested swill for the baby flock to swallow. They may think it's nutritious and delicious, but they're still swallowing puke. Chairman of the Keeping America Stupid Foundation, that man. (And I can't get a broadcasting gig? Life is SO unfair sometimes.)

Meanwhile....bookend both segments and I was starting to feel like my Cable Box had magically switched channels from MSNBC to an episode of The 700 Club. I half expected your Rush segment to close with a request for viewers to open up their hearts, open up their wallets and call the 800 number on the screen. Operators will be standing by.

If I wanted almost a quarter hour of uninterrupted Christian Come-ons, I can call my Bible Thumping crazy Republican Step-mother. But as one of America's non-believers, I'd prefer my MSNBC to continue giving me useful information, news and relevant commentary. In fact, I am always proud that you, Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz contribute thoughtful and factual reports on Gay Rights issues. Tonight, though, just made me wonder where the thoughtfulness went.


Tim Brough

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Forward in to about the 2:15 mark

Born This Way The Fame
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Friday night on ABC's 20/20, while doing a story about the typical psychotic people who murder that is their new stock-in-trade, they began to talk about a case in Texas. This was the sign they used as the "location shot":

Which begs the questions: Texas Dept of Highways; Really?
And ABC Network News: Were you trying to be ironic? Really?
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You can blame it all on Craigslist! It all started when the Congressman-Stud saw an ad. It said: "I'm looking for men who did not look like toads."

Republican Congressman Chris Lee

This then, brought a response from Mr. Lee: "Hope I'm not a toad. i'm a very fit fun classy guy. Live in Cap Hill area. 6ft 190lbs blond/blue. 39. Lobbyist. I promise not to disappoint." And then he sent her the above photo.

All well and dandy, except Mr. Lee is married. To a woman.

And so, rather than fight the obvious, Mr. Lee has decided to step down and resign his position as a New York Congressman.

Conservatives are losing a good man. Mr. Lee has a solid voting record:

  • Anything Gay, he voted down, including the repeal of "Don't ask don't tell."
  • Anything to criminalize abortions he voted for, including the Unborn Child Pain Awareness Act.
  • He likes guns too, and wants you to carry one wherever you go.

Now don't worry! Mr. Lee will pretty soon find a replacement job. Just like he said: He's a Lobbyist! And we're sure he'll have a wonderful time spreading money around congress so American corporations can stay in China and not pay any taxes ... And those Heathen Homos can continue to be Second Class Citizens, by the glory of "god."

Too Bad Vitter and Ensign keep hanging on to their posts.


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